Prospectus Berco operates 12 classrooms at its corporate campus located at 840 William Lane in Reading, PA.  In 2014, we expanded the Adult Training program to meet the growing need in the community and has the capacity to serve 240 adults with intellectual and developmental disabilities.

Adult training offers individuals a variety of enrichment opportunities based on the desires and abilities of each individual.  The program includes community engagement in volunteer experiences, social and recreational activities, communication and mobility training, along with assisting individuals in achieving fitness goals.

The Adult Training Program is overseen by a Director, James Rhodes and has a Health Care Coordinator on sight to assist as needed in the care of individuals.

During the pandemic we have expanded our day services to include more 1:1 Companion and In Home and Community services. These services may also be known as Family Support Services (FSS).  FSS is an innovative and exciting program that provides individualized services to people with intellectual disabilities and their families as determined by the needs of the individual and the families.  Services may include companion, in-home and community services, habilitation, respite care, family enrichment services, transportation, and homemaker services.

Programs are licensed by the Department of Human Services, Office of Developmental Programs and the PA Department of Aging. For more information on this program, please contact Jonathan Colon, Operations Administrator. Or, contact your Supports Coordinator and tell them you would like to learn more about Prospectus Berco.