Being able to evacuate individuals quickly is a major priority that we need to address in the coming year. We have identified 4 Community Homes where the lives of 14 individuals are at risk due to potential barriers to efficient evacuation. To address this safety concern, Prospectus Berco wants to install double doors in the bedrooms where participants who are non-mobile sleep. This will enable caregivers to safely evacuate individuals while still in beds through the double doors and safety.

Help us protect the lives of 14 individuals residing in our Community Homes!


We are advancing opportunities and transforming lives!

Join Prospectus Berco in its mission to provide meaningful supports for adults with intellectual and developmental disabilities living and working in Berks County.   Together we are:

  • providing housing solutions for more than 90 adults to live as independently as possible in our community
  • providing  opportunities for individuals to learn new hobbies and explore their interests in our Adult Training Program
  • providing training and support so individuals can achieve their employment goals in our Vocational Services Program.

Thank you for supporting our Annual Fund Appeal. Together we are advancing opportunities and transforming lives!

Learn About Other Giving Opportunities

  • Laura Isenberg Educational Fund –offsets a portion of tuition costs for Prospectus Berco employees who are completing an undergraduate degree, an advanced degree, or continuing educational course to enhance their job skills and improve services to program participants.
  • Endowment Fund – provides financial stability for the organization by allocating funds for future program operations and special projects. The fund is established to be invested for future growth and is governed by the Board of Directors.
  • Helping Hand Fund – designated to meet unmet financial needs of program participants, i.e. medical, dental, recreational, adaptive equipment, burial, etc.

Legacy Trees
Memorials and Tribute Gifts

Tribute gifts are a beautiful testimony of the important impact someone has made on your life.

Whether it’s a Memorial Gift, or an Honorarium to commemorate an important milestone, the Prospectus Berco Legacy Tree Program will help pay tribute to special loved ones, while growing Prospectus Berco Endowment Fund.  Donors invest in Prospectus Berco because they believe in its mission and want to ensure that these essential services are available for future generations.  Now more than ever, we have come to realize the importance of financial solvency.

There are many ways for our supporters to give in support of our Endowment Fund:

  • Make a gift today through the Legacy Tree Program, or
  • Leave a gift for tomorrow by naming Prospectus Associates, dba Prospectus Berco, as a beneficiary of your will, bequest, or Estate Plan.

The decision you make today will have a lasting impact on your community.  Please thoughtfully consider how you can have a lasting impact on the organization by supporting our Endowment Fund through the Legacy Tree Program, or by remembering us in your will.

By making a donation through the Legacy Tree Program, your contribution will be displayed on our tree mural located at 1800 Kutztown Road in Reading.

$1,000 Legacy Path
$   750 Acorn
$   500 Gold Leaf
$   250 Silver Leaf
$   100 Bronze Leaf
OTHER: $ ______________

To be a part of our legacy download the form here or use the button on the right to process your gift.  To learn about our Memorial Wall, contact Jessica Penchard at, or 610-372-4637, extension 103.

Memorials & Honorariums

A donation received to honor a special event in the life of an individual or to honor the memory of a loved one is a thoughtful way to commemorate their life. If you want to honor someone’s birthday, anniversary, graduation, other special event, or the memory of a loved one. When making a tribute gift please indicate whether or not the donation is a memorial or honorarium, the name of the individual with whom you would like to pay tribute, along with the contact information for any family member you would like to be notified of your benevolent gesture.

To learn about our Memorial Wall, contact Jessica Penchard at, or 610-372-4637, extension 103.

Planned Giving

Gift for tomorrow:  Planned gifts are special gifts in which a donor names Prospectus Berco as a beneficiary in a will, life insurance policy, living trust, or other instrument like a charitable trust or annuity.  Estate plans can be flexible, so philanthropic individuals may choose to name one or more charities, along with family members, as beneficiaries of their will.  The naming of Prospectus Berco as the beneficiary in a retirement plan is a unique gift that requires forethought and planning and is one way for donors to ensure that Prospectus Berco is able to provide its services for future generations.

Gift for today:  Donors may also make a “strategic” gift that will help minimize their tax burden while benefiting a charity like Prospectus Berco. Consider making a gift of securities or stock, or use your Required Minimum Distribution to make your donation to Prospectus Berco. These types of gifts require careful planning and consideration but can be very beneficial to donors.

Because each person’s financial situation is unique, we suggest that donors discuss giving strategies with their tax advisor or financial planner; by doing so, donors can maximize their giving potential, discover ways to support their community in meaningful ways, and direct more of their dollars to support values that are important to them.  If Prospectus Berco can assist you in any way, please contact Jessica Penchard at 610-372-4637, ext. 103, or e-mail at

In-kind Donations

We have a “wish list” of items that are needed by our Day Services and Residential Programs which helps us reduce our expenses when not required to make these purchases.  Please call, and we will let you know if the item(s) you wish to donate are currently needed or will be needed in the future.  As with any home or business, storage space can be a major factor on whether we are able to accept your gift.  We accept new and “gently used” items.

Throughout the year, we hold programs and special events in which we ask businesses for items to offer as gifts, auction items, or raffle items.

For more ways to maximize your resources for charitable giving, please click on the Strategic Giving button above.