Prospectus Berco is celebrating 45 years as a respected service provider for individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities living and working in Berks County. As a trailblazer in the industry, Prospectus Berco led the way in transforming lives by adapting its services to meet the growing needs of individuals, their families, and the community. Our services continue to evolve providing more opportunities for individuals to live the life of their choice in vibrant residential settings, working competitively in the community, and exploring new hobbies and interests throughout their lifetime, we believe our future shines bright.

Today Prospectus Berco employs over 240 professionals and serves 275 adults through an array of programs and services that offer individuals the support they need to live as independently as possible in our community. An integral part of the Berks community, Prospectus Berco provides thousands of volunteer hours for other nonprofit organizations, helps businesses achieve their production goals, and patronizes local businesses.

To the many individuals and businesses who partnered with us these past 45 years, thank you for your support. We are grateful for the role you played in helping us reach this significant milestone.

Prospectus Berco is a nonprofit corporation established in 1977 to provide quality services for adults with intellectual and developmental disabilities living and working in Berks County. In March of 1977, Prospectus Berco emerged as an offshoot of the Berks County Chapter of the Association for Retarded Citizens (ARC) to become a service provider for individuals needing care and supports. Prospectus Berco is governed by a volunteer Board of Directors composed of family members, business leaders and community volunteers.

From its inception, Prospectus Berco focused on the abilities of individuals and not their disabilities. The word “prospectus” means to see the potential in any circumstance, while Berco (representing Berks County) derived from Berco Industries the name for the corporation’s day program while under the ARC of Berks County. Prospectus Berco has the capacity to serve more than 425 individuals in its programs and employs approximately 300 professionals in the organization. Because of the pandemic, many of our Day Services Programs had been suspended temporarily. We are gradually reopening programs and providing services at a limited capacity.

Prospectus Berco has been serving the Berks community for more than 40 years. By providing innovative supports for adults with intellectual and developmental disabilities, we are advancing opportunities for individuals to learn and grow, while making a home for themselves in Berks County. Through our Adult Training Program, individuals explore new hobbies, interests and make an impact on the Reading area through hundreds of volunteer service hours. Our Vocational Services Program works with local businesses throughout the region and offers several options for individuals to achieve their employment goals and to realize their full potential. Through our Residential Services Program we administer 24 Community Homes and a LifeSharing Program where individuals live in residential neighborhoods throughout the county.

Reaching beyond expectations, Prospectus Berco provides the necessary supports for individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities to live meaningful lives with greater community engagement and more opportunities to live the lives of their choice.