Prospectus Berco embraces everyday lives, and what that means for the individuals we serve is that adults with disabilities have opportunities to live the life of their choice. Having a safe place that they can call home is the foundation of a good quality of life. Prospectus Berco offers several living accommodations and support services to assist individuals and families wherever they are in their journey through life.

Family Support Services (FSS)

Family Support Services is an array of services to assist individuals living independently in their home or residing with their parents or caregivers. Prospectus Berco Direct Support Professionals (DSP) provide emotional support as well as socialization and community engagement assistance. Services are provided one-to-one and are determined by each person’s Individual Support Plan (ISP).

FSS services includes companion, habilitation, and respite services. Sometimes these services are known as in-home and community services since the support is provided in a person’s home or in the community.

Companion Services are intended to provide supervision for adults with disabilities to ensure the safety, health, and well-being of individuals in their everyday lives. Direct Support Professionals (DSP) may assist individuals in activities of daily living and encourage individuals to participate in community activities based on their personal choice and self-determination. The hours of service are determined by the needs of the individual and may include a few hours
each day or a few hours each week.

Habilitation Services are the supports individuals with disabilities need to live everyday lives in their home, whether living alone or with a family. DSPs assist individuals with acquiring the necessary skills and supports to live as independently as possible in the community. DSPs may teach individuals how to use community resources so they can lead a more enriched fulfilling life. Some of these activities may include how to use public transportation, meal planning, exercise, and financial literacy. DSPs will follow the goals that have been established in the person’s ISP and will help them achieve these goals in pursuing their everyday lives.

Respite Services are different, in that the services are primarily a benefit for the caregiver and are designed to give the caregiver a break. Prospectus Berco will provide temporary overnight supervision of adults with disabilities while the caregiver goes on vacation, attends to their own health and medical needs, or any other life situation that the caregiver needs to attend to.

Life Sharing Services are when a family chooses to have an adult with an intellectual or developmental disability live with them in their home as a member of their family. Prospectus Berco works with families to become contract Life Sharing Providers. Once a family is eligible, Prospectus Berco will align the family with an individual who is interested in participating in the Life Sharing program. Life Sharing providers are compensated at a daily rate. Life Sharing agreements can be a rich and rewarding experience for both individuals and families providing the service.

For information about FSS and Life Sharing Services please contact Melanie Kinder at, or call 610-372-4637, ext. 208.

Community Home Living is for individuals who need more supervision and medical attention to ensure their safety, health, and well-being. Prospectus Berco operates 23 community homes in residential neighborhoods throughout Berks County. Individuals residing in Community Homes have one to three roommates and are supported by Direct Support Professionals who assist them in their everyday lives. DSPs attend to all the needs of the individuals and support them with activities of daily living and assist them with access to community activities of the individual’s choice. DSPs support the medical needs of individuals and will accompany individuals on doctor appointments and encourage healthy choices.

Prospectus Berco offers special features for some of its community homes, including a home that is specifically designed for individuals who are deaf or hard of hearing. The home incorporates special features to promote as much independence as possible for the individuals living in the home, in addition staff are trained in sign language and use communication aids to assist the individuals. Several of the homes have specialized equipment to help individuals who need more mobility assistance, including Hoyer lift systems, wheelchair accessible homes, and bathrooms with roll-in showers.

Prospectus Berco has a Medical Support Team that is overseen by a Registered Nurse who serves as the Health Care Coordinator. The Medical Support Team monitors the health status of program participants and assures that staff are trained to properly care for the needs of individuals. The Medical Support Team will also serve as a liaison with various doctors’ offices and will advocate for the best interests of the individuals in our care.

For information about Community Homes contact Community Services Administrator Kristy Vigo at, or call 610-372-4637, ext. 101.

Programs are licensed by the Department of Human Services, Office of Developmental Programs. For more information on this program, please contact Kristy Vigo, Community Services Administrator.


Prospectus Berco is a licensed service provider as such programs and services are regulated by the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania. Services are funded through various waiver programs offered through the Office of Developmental Programs:

Consolidated Waiver is designed to help individuals with an intellectual disability, autism, or developmental disability to live more independently in their homes and communities and to provide a variety of services that promote community living, including self-directed service models and traditional, agency-based service models.

Community Living Waiver supports individuals with an intellectual disability, autism, or developmental disability to live more independently in their homes and communities through the provision of a variety of services that promote community living, employment, communication, self-direction, choice, and control.

Person/Family Directed Support Waiver (P/FDS) is designed to help individuals with an intellectual disability, autism, or developmental disability living with their families to live more independently in their homes and communities by providing resources to access services that promote community living, including self-directed service models and traditional, agency-based service models.

Individuals and families interested in obtaining services should talk to their Supports Coordinator.

On a case-by-case basis, Prospectus Berco will consider private pay options for program services. For information contact Kristy Vigo, Community Services Administrator at Kristy Vigo.