Vocational Services

The Vocational Services Program (Day Services Department) provides employment opportunities for approximately 100 adults with special needs with on-site contracted work and off-site paid positions in local businesses.

Additional services include:
  • Vocational Evaluation – Provides a comprehensive assessment of an individual’s vocational strengths and preferences.
  • Personal and Work Adjustment Training – Offers an individual the opportunity to improve or acquire a variety of work related skills in preparation for competitive employment.
  • Off-site Work Experiences – Paid work at local businesses with staffing, supervision, transportation, payroll, and liability provided by Prospectus Berco. Ultimately the goal is to hire the worker as an employee of the business.
  • Volunteer Experiences – Volunteer experiences allow for training providing skills for paid opportunities.

Programs are licensed by the Department of Human Services, Office of Developmental Programs. For more information on this program, please contact Stephanie Hill, Day Services Administrator.