Vocational Services

Prospectus Berco Employment Services

Advancing Opportunities. Transforming Lives.

Prospectus means “to see the potential in any circumstance.” Helping individuals realize their full potential is the core of our mission. One way we help individuals realize their potential is by assisting them in developing employment goals and providing the necessary supports to ensure that individuals achieve their goals and are successful.

Our Employment Team assesses each person individually to determine their interests and skills. Prospectus Berco offers a variety of programs so individuals can receive the vocational training they need to be successful. With more than 45 years of experience, we have cultivated key relationships with local businesses that are built on mutual trust and respect.

Credentialed Employment Specialists

Our Employment Team is comprised of ACRE (Association of Community Rehabilitation Educators) certified Employment Specialists.  Our Employment Team will work with individuals creatively and find solutions through innovative ways to connect job prospects with employment opportunities that match their talents. Soon we will be credentialed to provide Discovery and Customized Employment.

Community Based Work Assessments (CBWA)

An Employment Specialist will assess work skills and interests in a variety of community employment settings. This process will assist the individual in determining an employment objective that is aligned with their abilities and interests.

Supported Employment (SE)

Supported Employment empowers individuals with intellectual disabilities and autism to achieve gainful employment in the community. While individuals hold jobs in the community, we provide an Employment Specialist to support various stages of employment.  Employment Specialists serve as a liaison with businesses and employers, while advocating for individuals seeking and maintaining competitive integrated employment (CIE).

Job Development: An Employment Specialist will help the individual determine which available positions align with their goals and abilities.
During this phase, the Employment Specialist may:

  • help the individual prepare for specific positions
  • t Specialist will assist individuals throughout the application process and offer guidance in preparation of resumes and job interviews.

Job Placement: Once hired, the Employment Specialist will work side by side to train the individual to learn their roles and responsibilities and provide guidance so that the individual completes tasks to the satisfaction of the employer/supervisor.  The Employment Specialist maintains a good relationship with the employer and offers recommendations for methods to use to ensure successful outcomes.

 Job Maintenance: An Employment Specialist will continue to provide support services to ensure that both the individual and the employer are satisfied with work performance.  Employment Specialists serve as a liaison for the employer and aids if an employee needs additional training. The Employment Specialist is a resource for the individual to aspire and realize their full potential.

Discovery and Customized Employment (D/CE)

An Employment Specialist who is certified in Discovery and Customized Employment will provide services uniquely designed for individuals who need more support in seeking, obtaining, and maintaining employment through traditional approaches. **

Small Group Employment (SGE)

Small Group Employment is a flexible blend of services that offers opportunities for a small group of individuals to work together in the community.   Our Employment Team works with businesses to negotiate paid employment opportunities in which we provide a contract service including supervision, transportation, and liability.  The individuals are employed by Prospectus Berco.

Vocational Training

Prospectus Berco operates a successful production and training facility at its headquarters in Reading. Through the facility production program, individuals obtain work experience and soft-skill training to prepare them for employment. Prospectus Berco contracts with local businesses to provide packaging, assembly, labeling, collating and mechanized services for customized solutions to help businesses meet their objectives.

Individuals enrolled in the Vocational Program are employed by Prospectus Berco and are paid a piece rate based on prevailing wage. Prospectus Berco is a 511c certificate holder.

Community Participation and Supports (CPS)

Some individuals may not be ready for competitive integrated employment and may elect to participate in the community in other meaningful capacities.  Prospectus Berco will help individuals find volunteer or paid opportunities throughout Berks County, often in communities where they live.  This program provides purpose and responsibility for individuals looking for greater community enrichment.


Funding can be supported via the Office of Vocational Rehabilitation (OVR), Office of Developmental Program (ODP) waivers or private resources.   Individuals should discuss their status with their Supports Coordinator.

**We are currently working toward obtaining Discovery and Customized Employment Certification