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Move More in Harmony Challenge

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Move More on Tuesdays at 2 p.m.

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Meeting ID: 896 3664 5793
Passcode: 840

Congratulations to our Move More in Harmony Challenge Winners!

Most Minutes by an Individual, Kyle M. He completed 2,400 minutes over the time period.

2nd Place goes to Evelyn P.! She completed minutes 1,915 minutes

3rd Place is Jim B. for completing 1,890 min.

4th Place is Ginnie H. for 1,875 min.

5th Place is Deb Zatwarnicki who completed 1,845 min.

More Award Winners!
  • Lora R. wins the award for the Most Variety in fitness.
  • Team with the Most Minutes by average number of Minutes is Team Brenwoger
  • The Team completed a total of 6,000 minutes with an average per person is 1,500 minutes! Brenwoger also raised over $200!  Thank you!
  • Top Fundraising Team is Family Fit and Fun who raised $530 and the individual who raised the most funds individually is John Hunter of Tandem Racing $520.
We are grateful to all the teams who worked hard throughout the past several weeks:

Team Change:             Total Minutes of 6,105 / 7 members

Team D:                       Total Minutes of 1,190 / 2 members

Family Fit & Fun:         Total Minutes of 2,515 / 3 members

Late Comers:               Total Minutes of 3,091 / 5 members

Leaman Family Circus:  5 members

Movers & Shakers:      Total Minutes of 13,166 / 27 members

Tandem Racing:          Total Minutes of 1,680 / 2 members


Join Santander in raising awareness and funds for people with disabilities.

Together we raised $5,791!  Thank you!

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26th Annual Golf Tournament

July 26, 2021 – Moselem Spring Golf Club

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28th Annual Awards Luncheon

Postponed until 2021