Look How We’ve Grown


THE RESIDENTIAL SERVICES DEPARTMENT offers a wide array of services to adults and children with disabilities designed to promote individual choice and opportunity in the Berks County Community.  These services provide opportunities for people with disabilities to become valued and contributing members of the community and develop self-sustaining friendships.

Living options include:

  1. Traditional community homes where an average of three people live in a family atmosphere with professional staff support.
  2. LifeSharing through Family Living where one or two individuals reside with and as part of a family in the community.


1977 NOW
4 Berks County community homes for 12 children 23 community homes serving approximately 100 persons.
Respite care and family aid in Berks County Respite may be available with host upon request.
4 York County community homes for 12 children 13 LifeSharing sites where 20 to 27 individuals live
4 Lancaster County community homes for 12 individuals Approximately 50 individuals living at home receiving supports funded through home-based waiver dollars
  Approximately 50 to 100 individuals per year receive family support services, such as family aid, host respite, and center based respite.
  Approximately 50 children in Foster Care Services.


Day Services

 Today the direction of Prospectus Berco’s vocational services program stresses community interaction in terms of volunteering, work experience, and employment.  Offered are a wide variety of vocational skills training and employment options at our manufacturing facility on William Lane.  Prospectus Berco provides businesses throughout the country with automated and manual packaging and subassembly services.  In addition, volunteer and paid community work experiences are afforded individuals with disabilities employed through Prospectus Berco’s Vocational Services Program.  Through the Adult Training Program, located at William Lane and our annex at Kutztown Road, individuals are provided with social and recreational activities, volunteer opportunities, communication training, physical therapy, and tactile stimulation.

Since 1984 Prospectus Berco has been providing day program services for Berks County elderly.  Since the elderly individuals benefitting from these senior services are persons “retiring” from vocational program or persons age 55 or older attending the Adult training Program, our senior Day Program has been  blended in to the Adult Training Program.  Senior services through the Adult Training Program still provide a variety of health, social, recreational, therapeutic, and family services geared towards the enhancement of each participant’s life within the community. A secure and safe setting revolves around structured programs which enable each individual to engage in activities keeping with their capabilities and interests. This program receives funding from the Department of Human Services and licensing through the Department of Human Services and the Pennsylvania Dept. of Aging.


1984 NOW
Facility housed in one building occupying close to 12,000 square feet Day Service Programs housed at 840 William Lane occupy 60,000 square feet.  The Adult Training Program Annex at 1800 Kutztown Road occupies 16,000 square feet.
15 staff persons served 75 individuals 75 staff persons serve approximately 285 individuals
Vocational Program subcontracted  with 6 companies from Eastern Pennsylvania Vocational Program sub-contracts with approximately 20 companies throughout the USA
Vocational production workers total wages $15,000 annually Vocational production workers total wages over $228,000 annually

Thank you to everyone who has helped make Prospectus Berco one of Berks County’s most valuable resources!  We look forward to supporting individuals with disabilities with excellence through the 21st Century.