Therapy Dogs

Mark Zebrowski, Vice President of Wells Fargo Dealer Services in the Northeast Region, is one person who has found a unique and valuable way to make a difference.

Mark is a member of Therapy Dogs International, and on a regular basis he and his dogs will visit our participants in the Adult Training Program.  Mark originally became involved in Therapy Dogs International when his mother was in a hospice, and he saw the need to bring love, joy, and attention to her fellow residents.dog2

Five English Labrador Retrievers named Oliver, Artemus, Ignatius, Elliot, and Sebastian accompany Mark on his visits to Prospectus Berco.   In 2012, Mark received the President’s Award from the PA Veterinary Medical Association for his and the dogs’ help in highlighting the importance of veterinary work and therapy work.  Mark is also a member of the Prospectus Berco Golf Committee and significantly contributes to its success.

As you can see from our photos, the dogs’ visits bring love, joy, and attention to the individuals in the Adult Training Program.  Their visits are always eagerly anticipated and most welcome.Five brothers and the farm show