Frequently Asked Questions of Prospectus Berco:

How many people do you serve?


  • Each year, more than 425 Berks County men, women, and children with disabilities and their families benefit from our services.


How many employees work for the agency?


  • Approximately 300 full and part-time professionals are employed to provide services offered by Prospectus Berco.


How is Prospectus Berco funded?


  • The major portion of our funding comes from federal and state dollars through PA Office of Developmental Programs (ODP), Berks County MH/MR, and SAM, Inc. (Service Access Management).  Additional funding is provided through Children and Youth, fees for room and board, transportation fees, and workshop contract income.


Does Prospectus Berco receive funds from the United Way?


  • No.  When Prospectus Berco was founded as a spin-off of the ARC (Association for Retarded Citizens), a United Way funded agency, the ARC retained United Way funds for their advocacy work.  Prospectus Berco chose to rely on governmental funding available for the programs we operated.


Why does the agency need donations if the cost of services is met?


  • Prospectus Berco operates its programs and services within the budgeted resources to meet programmatic needs.  Additional funds are needed for new programmatic initiatives, physical site renovations, and upgraded equipment to enable us to provide expanded or enhanced services. Donations are also needed to cover funding no longer available for some individuals with disabilities due to cutbacks in government funding


How does Prospectus Berco measure the success of its programs?


  • The number one priority of our agency is the satisfaction of our program participants and their families.  We are committed foremost to the needs of our individuals and care about their safety and well being.  Plans are reviewed annually or more if needed.  We welcome open communication with the program participants and their families or caregivers.


How does Prospectus Berco differ from other local agencies that provide services to individuals with disabilities?


  • Prospectus Berco differs from other local agencies by providing individualized services and supports designed in response to the varied needs and interests of each person involved with the organization.  Prospectus Berco is the primary provider in Berks County of day program services for people with severe mental and physical challenges. Celebrating almost 40 years as a service provider makes us one of the oldest Berks County organizations specializing in residential, day services, family support services, and foster care for children.  Proudly, we have professionals who have been employed at Prospectus Berco since it was founded years ago, and 30% of our staff has been employed for 10 or more years at Prospectus Berco.  This kind of experience and dedications says a lot about our organization.


Does Prospectus Berco have a constant source of contracts to provide work?


  • We are always looking for more contracts appropriate for individuals with limited skills, and contracts that allow our workers to earn better wages and develop greater production capabilities.  Prospectus Berco currently works with approximately 30 companies nationwide providing them with quality hand and mechanized assembly and packaging processes. For more information on our services click here.