Executive Director Message

Prospectus Berco has achieved another milestone in its auspicious history. March marked our 40th anniversary as a provider of exceptional supports for individuals with disabilities and other special needs. Incorporated in 1977, we have stayed dedicated to our belief that all people deserve lives full of possibilities with opportunities for meaningful relationships and the right to exercise personal choice over decisions affecting them. In true Prospectus Berco style, we are not going to let this accomplishment go by unnoticed. Plans to invite the community to share in our celebrations at our annual awards dinner on April 23rd, an open house on May 4th, and a not-to-be-missed Gala on November 11th are underway. More details about these events are shared in the “40th Anniversary” article in this edition of Developments.

With a theme of, “There’s no place like home,” we will be honoring our history but also embracing the future of this corporation as we commemorate this anniversary throughout the year. Of course what we are really celebrating is not simply the number of years Prospectus Berco has been in existence but rather the many lives we have positively impacted along this journey. We are celebrating the genuine friendships and caring relationships formed between individuals receiving services and the professionals providing those services. We are remembering with pride the array of creative experiences afforded to so many participants of Prospectus Berco programs. We are recognizing with sincere appreciation the long list of community partners and volunteers who have contributed to corporate and individual successes.

So I invite anyone who has been a part of Prospectus Berco’s amazing four-decade journey to come and celebrate with us at one or all of the scheduled events. We wouldn’t be here without you!