Executive Director Message

In our last issue of “Developments,” there was an article about the music therapy program piloted at our Adult Training Program on William Lane. Awarded two grants totaling $3,000, we were happy to be able to launch the program last July. Of course, in addition to funds, a critical component to a successful music therapy program is finding the right professional to bring music alive for the men and women we serve. Boy did we hit the jackpot when we met and contracted with Emily Frantz, MT-BC. It is no exaggeration to say that when Emily is “in the house,” laughter, smiles, and musical fun are the order of the day.

We have always known that music is a universal language especially for the folks who struggle to communicate in traditional ways. Historically, any activities involving vocal or instrumental music or dancing have been big hits with the Prospectus Berco crowd. If you ever had the pleasure of attending one of our events, you know from experience the dance floor is packed from the very first note to the last song of the evening.

The inspiration for incorporating music therapy as part of our day programs was initially suggested by former board member, Trish Doll, whose entire family is extremely musical. Richard her son, daughter Victoria, and Trish made multiple visits to our day programs to entertain the appreciative men and ladies attending. Richard brought instruments for our folks to play and shared his talents by performing on those same instruments much to the delight of his audience. On another occasion, Trish and Victoria performed an inspiring violin duet which captured the attention of the music lovers present.

Thanks to the diligent efforts of our Development and PR Administrator, Susan Stalnecker, we secured grant money to pilot the program and connected with Emily Frantz, and the rest as they say is history. Members of the Reading Musical Foundation attended one of the music therapy sessions and were so impressed with the positive impact on the individuals participating that they have awarded another $1,000 grant for 2018.

Thus, one of my reasons for this message is that to keep the program going and growing we could really use more support. Of course, financial donations designated for the music therapy program are very much appreciated. However, we would also be especially grateful for donations of musical instruments or equipment such as:


  • Maracas
  • Resonator bells
  • Frame drums or other small drums such as bongos or small tubano
  • Tambourines or headless tambourines
  • Adaptive instrument mount
  • Music stands
  • Large Bluetooth speaker or Aux cord speaker to magnify recorded music

Please contact Stephanie Hill, Day Services Administrator, at shill@prospectus berco.org or 610-372-4637. ext 104, if you would like visit and see the program in action or if you are interested in supporting the program in some way.