About Us

Prospectus Berco is a private, non-profit corporation established in 1977 to provide services to men, women, and children with disabilities and to the elderly in Berks County.  A volunteer Board of Directors comprised of family members, business leaders, and other community representatives governs the agency.

The name of the agency focuses on individual’s abilities, not their disabilities.  In addition to its normal use within the business community and stock market, the word “prospectus” has an additional meaning of being able to see the potential in any circumstance.  Berco Industries was chosen as the name for the corporation’s day program.

Prospectus Associates, Inc., Berco Industries became a provider of innovative services for people with intellectual disabilities.  The organization grew and reached into five other counties besides Berks.  Eventually, it became apparent that people are best served in a county-based system, so the services were turned over to local providers in all counties with Prospectus Berco becoming solely a Berks County provider.

Today, Prospectus Berco, under the leadership of Jody H. Wagner, Executive Director, provides many different programs and services for individuals with intellectual disabilities or other special needs, and the elderly in Berks County.

Prospectus Berco is located at 840 William Lane, Reading, Pa, home to our Vocational  and Adult Training/Senior Services Programs, as well as our corporate offices.